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Laptop Panasonic Cf52 Bios Password Crack




ive forgotten what it is.. i need some help installing flash on 64bit ubuntu 11.10.. i'm having a hard time even finding anything on the internet Gartral:?? just a guess which firefox... Mia flashplugin-nonfree is the best solution Hello, I'm trying to install ubuntu from windows with wubi but its stuck at "setting up lvm2-pvcreate" for over 5 hours now. I only get the 4.10 text screen from wubi so I can't even enter my password or use any command to abort the installation. it says "System setup has detected a new display device. In order for the system to use your new monitor, the BIOS must be updated. Please contact your computer's manufacturer for support." but I don't know how to contact the manufacturers Dr_Willis: how do I get to the terminal? I tried ctrl alt f2 but it didn't work. I'm in some sort of remote-login.. jonny: go to login screen - and try the login names.. if that dosent work, then it may be tat its not sveral user enviornments set up. theres also a recovery mode thing if ya hit esc at the bootloader No idea what to do. I'm desperate. Ok jonny: recovery mode may not work... try the normal mode option. Is there a way to change the password in a recovery session? I was hoping that it would be possible to burn the image to a cd and then install it on the hard drive. Can't it somehow skip the installation process and start right away? I'm just downloading the iso now. install normally or wubi? wubi Don't know. Just wubi normal install would be like a regular hd install. wubi is basically a file in a file...




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Laptop Panasonic Cf52 Bios Password Crack

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